Youth Building a New Economy

Applications for Cohort 3 have closed. Please check back in January for our Cohort 4 intake!

How are societal values translated into economic measurements? What are the root causes of economic injustice on a local and global scale? What are potential solutions to poverty and systems level change?

Our 3-year project, Youth Building a New Economy, brings together cohorts of youth ages 15 – 25 every six months to learn about and develop their own answers to these questions. Every two weeks, we come together to explore different topics, learn from community and business innovators and change makers, work on shared projects, and develop leadership skills through activities and discussion. 

A group of young people sitting in a circle discussing a topic

Projects and initiatives our cohort members have been involved in:

  • Engaging with the City of Vancouver, the provincial government, policy makers and employers around youth priorities for poverty reduction and policy solutions
  • Data mapping of social enterprises in the Downtown East Side
  • Creating a survey for the Living Wage for Families Campaign
  • Conducting research on recertifying living wage employers across the province
  • Writing a submission to the Provincial Government on Universal Basic Income
  • Attending meetings with MLAs
  • Writing reports and blog posts

In Spring 2019, we explored the following topics:

  • Systems thinking
  • The future of work
  • Universal basic income and livable income
  • Democratizing the economy, workers’ and members’ owned enterprises, credit and other unions
  • Closed-loop and regenerative economy
  • Theories of change in public policy

Thanks to our partners BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, Exchange Inner City, First Call BC & Fostering Change Campaign and Living Wage for Families Campaign for working with us and providing fantastic opportunities for youth to get involved!

We also gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the Vancouver Foundation, Vancity Community Foundation, the Boag Foundation, the Health Sciences Association and other labour partners, as well as individual donors. If you’d like to support this project directly with your donation, please click here.