Youth Speak Out!

Date: 2006
Project Partners: BC Nurses’ Union, BC Health Coalition, KAYA, Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS (ASIA)

A project that engaged at-risk and street-involved youth to discuss the challenges that they face. Youth Speak Out! sought to address social injustices as defined by the people involved in the project. The project aimed to provide various opportunities for street active young people to engage politically and develop tools to advocate for themselves and their communities. Specifically, the project developed workshops for drop-in centres and community organizations that promoted discussions of the impact of government policies on youth and explored ways to affect change in the community. It also involved non-partisan, engaging street outreach leading up to the civic election and the creation of a resource guide building on the experiences of street active youth. Key issues that young people prioritized throughout the course of the project were police brutality, housing and safe shelter, accessibility to health and other services, racism and ageism in service provision and addiction services. Youth Speak Out! was recognized with a City of Vancouver Youth Award for Best Youth Program.