Youth & Gender Media Project

Start Date: 2011
Curriculum Links: Social Studies 8 – 11, Planning 10, Social Justice 12
Project Partners: Project Respect, North Shore Women’s Center, UBC Sexual Assault Support Center, West Coast LEAF
Project Funders: Status of Women Canada (Year 1 & 2); Canadian Women’s Foundation (Year 3)

The Youth and Gender Media Project educates youth about gender-based violence perpetuated in the media. The project has three main components: a new workshop on gender-based violence in the media that will be facilitated in schools and community groups across the province, a mentorship program linking youth to woman-identified activists, leaders, and community members, and a facilitation training component to build a core of volunteers and co-facilitators. Through interactive activities, media analysis, collaborative partnerships, and peer education, we will examine issues around gender violence and encourage open dialogue to explore ways to de-construct the messages youth receive about gender identity.