The Dirt on Food: Food Justice Project

Date: 2010-2011, though the Dirt on Food workshop is ongoing
Curriculum Links: Social Studies 8 – 11, Social Justice 12, Foods 10 – 12, Planning 10
Project Funders: Vancouver Foundation Youth Philanthropy Council, Hamber Foundation, Health Sciences’ Association

The Food Justice Project is an interactive, youth-driven and action focused initiative on the ethics of food production and consumption. The project highlights the strong connection between what we eat and how our food choices affect the world around us. It also provides young people with a chance to explore the issues surrounding how we currently consume food and to discuss realistic ways that we can grow food in a more sustainable and mindful way. The project included the development of an interactive workshop that remains a staple in the CYH workshop repertoire, facilitation training, the creation of a community map of Metro Vancouver food justice solutions, and community events like Eat This! Art Feeds Us.