Sustain: Media Arts & Environmental Education Intensive

Date: Summer 2011
Project Partners: Environmental Youth Alliance, Pull Focus Films, Reel Youth
Project Funders: Vancouver Foundation
In July and August of 2011, Check Your Head partnered with the Environmental Youth Alliance, Pull Focus Films, and Reel Youth for the Sustain intensive. Ten youth participated in this innovative project bridging environmental education and media, devoting their summer to learning about key social and environmental issues and then creating mobile apps, animations and documentaries based on their learning. Youth participated in a series of CYH workshops including Food Justice, Income Inequality, Sea of Change, and Mapping Power over the course of two weeks. The workshops took place at the beautiful Strathcona Community Gardens, creating a unique hands-on learning environment where participants could explore the eco-pavilion and engage in gardening activities to gain a better understanding of the natural world around them. After the CYH workshops, participants had the opportunity to apply their knowledge and experience to create short films, mobile app concepts, and animations focused on sustainability issues. The program concluded with a public screening of the films at the Reel Youth Film Festival. You can see all of the youth-created films here.