Migrant Justice

Start Date: 2014
Curriculum Links: Social Studies 10-11, Social Justice 12, First Nations Studies 12, Law 12, 
Project Partners: No one is Illegal 

In response to an increasing youth-identified need for young people to connect to their own histories and the history of indigenous communities in Canada, the Migrant Justice project seeks to engage and empower youth to better understand immigration in Canada. The Migrant Justice project is founded on the expansive research and community activism work done by No one is Illegal. Their work has informed the development of CYH’s newest workshop, Migrant Justice. Through this partnership, we have trained youth with lived migrant experience to deliver the Migrant Justice workshop to young people across BC. The workshop has already been delivered in public high schools, universities, and in community organizations. The Migrant Justice project gives youth the tools to break down anti-migrant racism and colonial stereotypes, resulting in safer schools and communities.