Growing Check, Growing Change

Start Date: 2014

Curriculum Links: Civic Studies 12, First Nations Studies 12, History 12, Home Economics 8-9, Science 8-11, Social Studies 8-11, Social Justice 12, Law 12
Project Funders: Vancouver Foundation

Growing Check, Growing Change is a multiyear project to strengthen Check Your Head’s core programming and meet the increasing demand on our social and environmental justice workshops. Building on best practices from previous projects, CYH is developing a long-term volunteer strategy to train and empower youth to deliver our library of 10 issues based workshops across BC. Youth are provided with facilitation training, mentorship from community leaders, and opportunities to deliver workshops in youth spaces including schools, universities, and community groups. This volunteer strategy expands our staff’s capacity to provide community based programming in areas outside of workshop delivery. Growing Check, Growing Change enables CYH to reach more communities and deliver social and environmental justice education to an increasing number of youth across BC.