Get Your Vote On

Date: 2004 (Get Your Vote On has since become a project that exists separately from Check Your Head)

Get Your Vote On is a non-partisan voter engagement campaign by and for young folks that was started by Check Your Head. After seeing a disconnect between young people’s passion for social and environmental justice issues in our workshops and their low turnout in elections, we sought to develop a community to connect youth to electoral politics through conversations about citizenship and democracy. Through Get Your Vote On, we registered 20,000 first-time voters and organized dozens of election-focused events for young people; our strategy included text messaging (this was the first time the technology was used for political organizing in Canada) and a very rough social networking site that has since evolved into an active online network that bring youth perspectives to the fore during elections, distributes information about politics and the election process and connects youth across the country. Get Your Vote On is still around and is active during every election.