Building Skills for a Greener Future

Start Date: 2015
Curriculum Links: Home Economics 8-10, Science 8-10, Social Studies 11, Social Justice 12
Project Funders: Vancouver Foundation Greenest City Grants 

Building Tools for a Greener Future engages Vancouver’s diverse youth community who has demonstrated an interest in the sustainable future of their city. Both the youth vital signs report and feedback from our successful pilot of a youth-only skills building events in 2014, have encouraged Check Your Head to create spaces for youth to learn skills, connect, and share knowledge to contribute to the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City 2020  Action Plan goals: “zero waste” and “local food”. Each event involves dialogue activities led by skilled youth peer educators. These events will be youth-only and accessible spaces where Vancouver youth can develop hands-on skills,  grow as environmental leaders and connect with local organizations that provide resources to support living greener lives.