BC Health Coalition Youth Engagement Strategy

Start Date: 2008
Curriculum Links: Social Studies 8 – 11, Planning 10, Civic Studies 11
Project Partners: BC Health Coalition
Project Funders: BC Health Coalition, Hospital Employees’ Union

The Youth Engagement Strategy engages young people on the topic of health care in communities across BC.
 There are many questions about what’s best for Canada’s health care system, yet there is little youth-accessible information and opportunities for youth-based dialogue on this issue. The Youth Engagement Strategy creates these opportunities through workshops, trainings and outreach activities that provide a space for much-needed youth-to-youth education on systems of health care. We also facilitate Train the Trainer workshops for teachers to be able to facilitate the Health Care workshop on their own – a great option for Pro-D Days! Learn about our workshop (Health Care: The Price Is Right?) in the Workshops section of the website and to find out more about the other activities of this project, contact us.