Daniela Gallegos

Daniela is a third year UBC student pursuing an Honours degree in Political Science and minoring in International Relations. Her top three hobbies are dancing, cooking, and talking about…. anything. She was born and raised in a low-income household in Ecuador, studied in a public high school, and did not know English one year before coming to Vancouver!  Thanks to policies promoting inclusion and equality, she is now able to study what she always wanted and hopes to make a change in society. She is also actively involved in volunteering activities on and off campus for community building, migrant justice, coloniality, and activism. Combined, her love for social justice, politics, and her personal experiences, constantly inspire her to get involved in projects that raise youth awareness about important issues in Vancouver, and in other parts of the globe. Daniela is really friendly and very excited to meet you, so say hi if you see her around!