Organizational Supporters

Are you part of an organization committed to social and environmental justice? Would you like to support Check Your Head’s work? There are many ways for organizations to get involved with CYH. We have a strong group of organizations that support our work financially, we have organizational partners who offer in-kind services and donations and we have organizations that help with our various events and fundraisers. By supporting CYH, your organization is supporting innovative youth engagement and empowerment programming and contributing to young people’s visions of, and actions for, social, environmental, and economic justice.

We acknowledge our organizational supporters on our website and in select printed materials as well as at events. As a registered charitable organization (87861 8321 RR0001), we are able to issue tax receipts for donations and other contributions.

If your organization is interested in supporting CYH, please contact us

In addition to the financial support of the groups listed below, we acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia. Check Your Head gratefully acknowledges the support of..

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  • Government of Canada