We’re not there yet; we just didn’t know that until now

Steve Harper awoke and jauntily dove out of bed Monday morning. He rose, preparing to get back to parliament after a six week winter break. The face of the Tories briskly opened his Globe and Mail, and while enjoying a nice cup of Joe, noticed something was a bit off in Canada that day. 

 “Why, same sex couples may not be legally married in some cases after all?”, he wondered to himself. “Well, our government has no plans to revisit the issue.” 

The end. What an anti climactic tale, isn’t it? And yes, our MP’s seriously get a six week winter break! However the more unfair issue in all of that still stands. It is still a revelation heavy in discussion all of a sudden in our country. And I say all of a sudden because it is probably to most.

I remember my friend remarking to me that same sex marriage wasn’t federally recognized, because certain regions/jurisdictions haven’t legalized it. Honestly, I didn’t believe him (sorry man). But now, due to recent reporting on the issue, this whole thing is quite the slap in the face.

Maclean’s brought this whole thing to my attention last night as I was relaxing in bed.

An aspect that seems to have people wondering is why same sex marriages aren’t legal if one is from abroad. If an LGBT couple gets married here, and either relocates to  or visits from another country, their marriage is no longer legal if that country doesn’t recognize same sex marriages. One couple found that out the hard way earlier this month when, trying to file for divorce, they were told they weren’t even married in the first place, as they came to Canada from the US and the UK to get married.

So same sex marriage is as legal as heterosexual marriage in Canada. Sounds fair so far? We also allow foreigners to marry here. Okay, rock on. If you’re a foreign hetero couple, don’t worry, you can tie the knot in Canada. But only if you’re, keywords, a hetero couple. That’s right, same sex foreign couples do not have that equal right.

You very well may be saying, Megan, we can’t regulate other countries legal systems. You’re right dear reader, we can’t and we have no right too. However, the fact still remains. Why is one couple allowed foreign marriage rights, but not the other? Why is one couple allowed to divorce, and right now the other can’t?

Marriage and divorce under our legal system is tedious, confusing stuff. Unless you’re well versed in law, good luck with your stab at trying to figure out all the legal jargon. Putting that aside though, something clear still stands, an inequality. Either legalize foreign marriages for all, or make them both illegal. There’s enough imbalance in this country lately, when are we going to solve one?

Not any time soon. Harper says his party won’t revisit any same sex issues in Canada while he’s in power , which isn’t a new statement. He’s said it once or twice, and he’s made it very clear. So we will see what does or doesn’t come out of all of this. I mean, maybe you can tell I’m not a Torrie, but even I can say I don’t think he was even aware of this until everyone else was. Same sex marriage is relatively new in Canada, and was adopted pretty much over night, so needless to say, we’ve got a few kinks to work out before everyone is satisfied and equal.