My Experience at Check Your Head

By Shama Dhalwani

In early August, I had my first experience working as a volunteer with Check Your Head. I first heard about this experience through friends at school and I hoped that it would be something that would interest me. At school, many of my courses are related to social sciences and I am hoping to pursue something in the fields of international development, human rights and social justice in the future, so I thought that Check Your Head would be a great organization to work with.

The environment and people at CYH were all there to make my experience enjoyable. They all had great personalities and I learned a lot of new information about what is happening in the world around us. I also saw new perspectives on different global issues and learned how not-for-profit organizations like CYH function “behind the scenes”. Many of the tasks that I did required research and others were more straightforward like helping with evaluation forms, but during the entire process I learned a lot of different things, like what the difference is between globalization and internationalization, how youth can engage on global issues through the arts, representations of women in the media, and several other topics. Although the one week that I spent at CYH was too short to get the full experience, I hope to come back and volunteer with this organization as well as take part in workshops that CYH puts on for young people.

Being in Grade 12 this coming year made me realize that having only one year left I should take initiative and really pursue my interests. Starting small is important so working locally with my school and maybe a local organization would be a good start. It would be nice if I could have an organization work with one of the clubs at my school that focuses on those social and environmental justice issues! I learned that Check Your Head works hard on educating youth “for global hope and local action” which only inspires me more to come back and volunteer! Thanks Check Your Head!