Feasts, Buffets, and Hunger

The time has finally come – it is January 2012! Throughout the past year, there have been many things to celebrate and be thankful for. While these times should be cherished through celebration with food and drink, it has occurred to me that while we…

The Music and the Message

Using a critical lens can sometimes mean having to re-evaluate things you hold dear. Byron Hurt, documentary filmmaker and anti-sexism activist, knows this. In his excellent film, “Beyond Beats and Rhymes”, Hurt talks about his love of hip hop, the place it’s had (and still…

I’ll be there to share the land

As I was flipping through my Social Studies text book looking for the answer to another dry text question, a realization started to bother me; every year, in every text book there is a passage about the sufferings of the Aboriginal people. What bothers me…

Check Your Head Annual General Meeting

Check Your Head’s Annual General meeting is going to be taking place January 18, 2012 at 7:00PM at the Roundhouse Community Centre (Multimedia Room)!

Fair Trade USA: selling out the global movement

The global fair trade movement has been shaken by the recent split of Fair Trade USA from its umbrella Fairtrade International – and correspondingly the global fair trade system. As the leading fair trade certifier in the US, Fair Trade USA (formerly TransFair USA) will…

Self Care, Squatters, and Ryan Gosling

How good are you at taking care of yourself? I don’t mean in terms of showering and flossing and paying bills and so on. I mean at taking care of your brain and your heart. It’s important to take stock of where you’re at, to…

Rights, Freedoms, and Reading the Charter

The right to an education, or the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual punishment? The right to have freedom of speech or that to not be discriminated for my sexuality, gender, race, religion, or physical disability? How could someone ever pick,…

Give the Gift of Education

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? This holiday season, make a donation to support a Check Your Head workshop done in the name of a loved one. Give the gift of education today!

Oh the World, the World

Ask questions, look for context, and think critically about what you read. Just because something is considered ‘scientific’ or is coming from what is thought to be a reputable source doesn’t make it fact. But don’t just take my word for it.

Apply to join the CYH Board of Directors!

Check Your Head is looking for leaders with a passion for social and environmental justice and youth education to serve on our Board of Directors!