Our 2018 Annual General Meeting

Our outgoing and incoming Board, as well as our staff. And baby Oliver!

Our Annual General Meeting was a success! The evening was filled with feelings of hope, movement, excitement, and gratitude – not a bad way to start a new year! Over a delicious Syrian spread from Tayybeh, we review where we’re at and our future plans, and had some amazing conversation about Brave Spaces that we’re excited to continue into the next year. Keep reading to see some highlights and what people had to say about Brave Space. Comment below with your thoughts!

What was said…

What do brave spaces mean to you?

  • A place that dares to be more than the pre-approved answer
  • A place where you don’t have to be “right” but can try ideas out
  • Courage to engage with people who may have different perspectives
  • Feeling heard regardless of what you say
  • A place that creates space for multiple truths and experience to co-exist and to see all the ideas that do exist without bringing conclusions
  • Spaces where people feel safe enough to be courageous, vulnerable or wrong
  • Values over conventions
  • Learning, Unlearning, Relearning
  • Freedom to ask questions

How do you think check can create/facilitate brave space?

  • Balance safe(r) and brave spaces
  • Intersectional approaches
  • Celebrate mistakes as critical (learning) moments
  • Personally being open to new learning and new ideas
  • Awarness of the space we take up
  • Active inclusion (and recruitment) of a variety of youth and support for them to develop their voice and talent
  • Honoring the knowledge in the room
  • Meaningful engagement of diverse youth in all aspects of the programming operations and governance

What do you think?