Love and Hate are Beasts and the One that Grows is the One You Feed

Our search for community came out of tragedy. Not a single tragedy, but three tragedies. The three tragedies that impacted us are counted among the over 3,500 suicides that happen in Canada every year.

Something that is normally hushed and not understood, suicide is a complex issue. However, I was given the opportunity along with an incredibly beautiful group of young people from my community to break that silence. And, we met someone along the way who you might just know – Shane Koyczan.

Initially, we knew we had to do something, but that something was a mass of ideas in a rough stage. Eventually, we found the story we wanted to tell. It didn’t happen overnight, but the amount of incredible support we received made it all possible. It was the true definition and essence of community.

I’ll let the videos speak for themselves. The video we made, Instructions For A Bad Day, is the music video to Shane’s spectacular poem. The second, Conquering Silence, is our documentary about our journey through the dark times and finding community.

Both videos are intended to recognize the troubles of our youth, especially, and bring some light to that dark place. They show us that love is there, love is everywhere, even when we can’t see it. They show us that bad days end, and good days will be on the horizon.

As someone who has dealt with these feelings, I know coming out of a dark place is a process. Always honour the process. If these videos existed while I was lost, maybe I would have found where I needed to be a little quicker. However, that was my process. Whoever this gets to, know that not only do I love you, there is also a community out there. Let these videos into your heart, and let them be a part of your process.