#Healthcare4All – Medicare Helps Canadian Families

Author: April Magee


Canadians have much to celebrate today with our single payer healthcare system standing out amid a list of honourable mentions including a publicly funded world class primary and secondary education system as well as high living standards for many. It is crucial that we remember the myriad benefits of our public health systems considering that privatized healthcare is the leading cause of bankruptcy in America. Examining bankruptcy declarations by age cohort reveals that medical bankruptcy is most prevalent among individuals aged 35-44 with an average household size of 3.35. This group represents American families and comprises 28.9% of bankruptcies. This Canada Day, I owe thanks to our single payer health system that cares for each patient regardless of income. This Canada Day, I am endlessly thankful to be free of the heavy burden of medical debt. This Canada Day, I am joyful to have disposable income to spend on friends and family instead of fevers and fractures.