#Healthcare4All – Letter to the Editor

This week, the BC Health Coalition launched a Letter to the Editor campaign. Clarissa, a member of our #Healthcare4All team, wrote the letter below – we’d encourage you to draw on it for inspiration to write your letter! If you need more tips, check out the page that the BC Health Coalition put together.


Dr. Brian Day’s attack on the Canadian Medicare system deserves more attention. He is challenging the very principle of our system – that care will be provided based on need, not ability to pay. If he is successful in trial, this would allow our system to be run the way the US medical system is.

As a young person, for-profit healthcare terrifies me. The future of our country and economy is based on having healthy citizens. Without universal healthcare, families will be required to purchase their own insurance. This adds even more financial pressure to those of us who are just making ends meet. And it certainly is not cheap, in the US, between 1999 and 2009, premiums increased 131%. Today, the average employer-based family plan is $16,351.

This worries me because I am proud of our current system. I am proud that Canada’s healthcare does not discriminate based on the fullness of a patient’s wallet. By allowing Dr. Day to win this court case, we are signing off on a more expensive, yet weaker nation. As a young person today, that’s not how I see my future. Let’s make Medicare better care for everyone, not just for those who can afford it. I believe in and support keeping Canada’s health care system publicly funded and patient-focused.