#Healthcare4All – Court case delayed

Post by #Healthcare4All team member, Clarissa.


The news this week here on the #Healthcare4All team has been the postponement of the trial. Dr. Brian Day had asked for a 6-month delay, and on Monday, August 25th the judge granted the extension.

You might be wondering what this really means for the campaign…

Simply put, this means we’ve got more time to get ourselves heard! Whether the issue is resolved out of court, or in trial in March, we want to ensure our voices are heard and we end up with a result that benefits us all.

Let’s not allow the delays to mute our momentum! Keep sharing your healthcare stories and spreading the word about the trial and the issues involved. If you have a story to share about why you love public healthcare, head here to tell it! Let your friends and family know about the court case and what it might mean for their future.

We have a great opportunity to apply even more public pressure and make sure the trial or resolution results in a fair and proactive outcome. If you haven’t already, make sure you write a letter to the editor of your local papers. Here is a link to a great guide on how to get started (Note from Check Your Head: Check out two letters written by #Healthcare4All team members here and here). If you’ve already written one, consider writing to another paper, or even your local MP. For more ways to get involved check out this post.

Whether you’re in B.C. or P.E.I., or anywhere in between there are a ton of amazing ways to share your concerns! Let’s work to unite the nation and protect one of our nearest and dearest assets.