Getting Involved in the Community

With school ending soon and summer just around the corner, you may be looking for activities to spend your summertime doing. If you’re not sure exactly what you want to do though, you’ve come to the right place! There are many great ways to get involved with the community while also doing something you enjoy. So here are 5 steps on how to get involved.

1. Know Your Interests
It is no use to you to volunteer doing something that you don’t enjoy. Therefore, step one is to know what kind of position you’re looking for. Do you love animals? Consider volunteering for an animal shelter. Are you super active? There are lots of summer camps looking for camp counsellors and activity leaders.

2. Google, google, google!
The simplest way to find volunteer positions is to search for them! Keep in mind that you should consider internet safety, and only go on websites that you trust. Keeping that in mind, Google is one of your best tools. Simply searching for "volunteer opportunities" along with your city’s name (Vancouver, Burnaby, etc) will bring up thousands of results that may be relevant to you. To get more specific you can search: [position you’re interested in], volunteer, [city] – for example, animal shelter volunteer Vancouver.

3. Resume
Don’t be fooled; even if volunteer positions are unpaid, many of them will require you to submit a resume detailing your past experiences. Even if you haven’;t had any previous work experience, you can still put your volunteer positions and positions in school clubs that you’ve held before. If you have never made one before, you can find a great guide for making resumes here.

4. Consider Local Non-Profits
Non-profit organizations are almost always looking for volunteers! Here you can find a complete list of Vancouver’s non-profits and read about the amazing work they do.

5. Start Your Own Movement
Finally, if you still haven’t found anything of interest to you, you can always create your own volunteer movement or activity. For example, if you’re passionate about teaching art but there are no local art programs, you can try and create your own! It will be a lot of work, but in the end, you may have just created something amazing! To do this you’ll most likely need other volunteers to help, so perhaps it’s something you and your friends could start together. As for where it would take place, most local community centers usually have rooms you can book for free.

Now that you are equipped with these five simple tips, you are ready to go out and be involved in your community!

Written by Tina Madani Kia
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