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The Necessity of (milk)Weeds

Our need to increase productivity in agriculture to account for the amount of human mouths to feed should aim to avoid impacting the natural movement of this species, or any species for that matter.

Food for the Future: Standing up for BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve

The ALR has faced a number of challenges over the years, but it may currently be facing its greatest challenge yet. It’s time to speak up for our agricultural land and farmers! Decision makers will be deciding the future of the ALR soon, so they…

Food for Thought event recap

On June 26th, Check Your Head hosted a delicious evening of art, activities, and community on food justice.

Food for Thought

Join us at Britannia Community Centre on June 26 for Food for Thought. Participate in games, activities, art, performance, and dialogue on food, culture, and food justice. Catered food will be provided. All youth, ages 12-29, are welcome!

An Ode to an Orange

The orange is the symbol of solidarity for all those who chose to be bold, to have the courage to speak out against an injustice. It is the story of welcoming change. Thus it is only fitting we celebrate the courage of the orange while…

The School Cafeteria Dilemma

Unfortunately, as I’m walking into schools through the front doors, I am hit with a waft of frozen breakfast sandwiches and smiley-faced fries. Should this be what youth are fed every morning?

For the Love of Local Food

Supporting local agriculture cuts down on your carbon footprint, provides you with more nutritious food, and contributes to food security and your local economy.

Coming to the Table

Some of the best discussions I’ve had with my family occurred at the dinner table over a meal prepared by us all. My peers now live off instant noodles, eggs, and cereal. When they begin families of their own, they won’t be passing down their…

Building a School Garden

At Magee Secondary School in Vancouver BC, students have been promoting sustainability since the new school was built around 12 years ago through the Magee Environment Club. Originally a recycling team, two and half years ago club leaders decided to make good use of the…

Actualizing Change: Submit Your Climate Action Ideas

Check Your Head is inviting youth to submit action ideas that address climate change and/or food justice issues. Three action ideas will be selected to receive funds of $300, $200, or $100 to see the action come to life!