Feasts, Buffets, and Hunger

Originally posted at “Leah Bae: My Blog“.

The time has finally come – it is January 2012! Throughout the past year, there have been many things to celebrate and be thankful for. While these times should be cherished through celebration with food and drink, it has occurred to me that while we gather with our loved ones there are a few things that are largely disregarded.

Buffets are something that have been on my mind for awhile now. They are often frequented by celebrators of events, such as birthdays or festivals, to accommodate large numbers of people while entertaining guests with an open environment.

I have been to buffets and all-you-can-eat restaurants on various occasions myself, but often found I was wasting money and resources dining there. I have an appetite that requires me to eat frequently in small amounts; not only was my money going down the drain, I was wasting great amounts of food by not being able to finish even half of the dishes served.

Buffets have a rather unique concept. It consists of the world’s most well-fed people eating more, then wasting incredible mounds of edible food afterwards. The amount of food wasted from dining this way is immense; the unfinished plates, gone-cold platters, are discarded straight into garbages. While more sensible options such as composting and donations to the homeless could be resorted to, they are often not.

This continuous chain of consumption and waste are harmful in so many ways, some of which include reduction of resources, health, and inequality. Although there are people who go to buffets to sample different selections of food and help themselves in healthy limited amounts, it is a rarity.

The buffet industry completes the definition of food injustice. It is unethical to me that the world’s richest feast on unlimited amounts of food while thousands are dying each and every day of starvation. This kind of lifestyle is not the rule; it is a mere exception to the rule.

Please consider these thoughts during your next big feast gathering! Happy New Year to each and every one of you readers – and choose wisely!