TED Conference 2014: Is it Accessible Enough?

The next TED conference is set to be in Vancouver, BC in 2014! Super exciting news. If you haven’t heard of TED, it is an organization set to share ideas about anything and everything: social change, environmental issues, economics, and geography, despite its beginnings as purely a conference for technology, entertainment and design. They host talks given by inspiring people around the world, encouraging citizens around the globe to share their knowledge and innovative thinking.

While TED is an advocate of exchanging ideas, the major TED conference will only be offered for an “elite” group of people and the minimum ticket price goes for $7500 each. At the same time, all of their talks are viewable for the public on their video website. However, it feels that limiting access to the physical event contradicts their doctrine of “Ideas Worth Spreading.”

If you would like to read up on TED or view a few 18-minute speeches, http://www.ted.com/ is the place to start.