Standing Together

I was starting to think that apathy had become a disease. It had to be some sort of airborne virus, I thought, because I didn’t realize how else it could hit so many people over such a long distance.

Even after saturating my school with education on why and how to stand up against the proposed Enbridge Pipeline, only twenty-two people clicked “yes” to the Facebook event for the rally. Twenty-two. Twenty-two out of roughly a thousand in my school alone.

What did it take to reach people? What was so appealing about an over-romanticized Kony campaign, and why was it that most of these kids could not care less about the beautiful, wild coast! My friends and I were disheartened, to say the least.

But as my friends and I carpooled to the event, there was absolutely nowhere to park. The streets were lined, and lined. As we jumped out and grabbed our signs, we saw what must have been hundreds in front of a stage.

People were there from Alberta! They flew from a completely different province to stand up for a coast that they didn’t even live near!

The sound of everyone saying “no” to Enbridge out loud was powerful. A chant rang out, strong and proud, that had feeling and conviction. People sang, laughed, and shared their stories. That feeling of awkwardness was nonexistent; complete strangers were joined together by that drive to do something.

I guess the whole point of me sharing this experience is not so much aimed at trying to convince you that what Enbridge and our government are trying to do is scarily wrong, but to let you know that you have allies. In whatever cause or project you – our future leaders – may take on, you will butt heads with the frustration of not understanding the apathy of the masses. That’s the hard part of having to be the changemakers of today; you will feel alone… at first. Eventually, your community, your support, will show up. One day, for every person that seemingly doesn’t care, there will be two that do. Right now, it is up to our youth to stay strong, grow, and strive. Also, to never forget that the way to stand the strongest, is by holding each other.

If you want to be such a crazy radical along with me and many others, I’d definitely check out what’s going on with the Northern Gateway Pipeline. You don’t have to be political to want to open your heart to B.C.’s Aboriginal peoples, and our coast. Here are some more links to get informed and motivated! Maybe the Joint Review Panel will even be coming to your town, too.

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