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Recognize, Revitalize, and Reconnect: A Recap of The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives 2013 Fundraising Gala

Recently I had the privilege of attending the annual fundraising gala for the Canadian Centre of Policy Alternatives (CCPA). I use the word privilege because it felt truly special to be in the same room with so many inspiring people working individually and collectively to…

Local 2 Global

In celebration of International Development Week (IDW), BC youth were invited to attend “Local 2 Global”, a networking event for individuals to share and inspire others with their amazing accomplishments and goals within the local and global community.

Lost in My Ignorance and Stigma: Walking Through the DTES in 2013’s Women’s Memorial March

I could see office workers in the court building watch us… The court workers quickly turn away. It would be easy to judge them negatively, but I know that I and maybe much of our city seems to do just the same.

TED Conference 2014: Is it Accessible Enough?

While TED is an advocate of exchanging ideas, the major TED conference will only be offered for an “elite” group of people and the minimum ticket price goes for $7500 each… It feels that limiting access to the physical event contradicts their doctrine of “Ideas…

Invitation to Stand for CYH Board of Directors!

Check Your Head is looking for leaders with a passion for social and environmental justice and youth education to serve on our Board of Directors!

One Hour of Idle No More

Suddenly, I became an activist, something I have never truly done. This has definitely been one of the most moving life experiences that I’ve had recently, and all within the span of only an hour. Everyone was there, people of various ages and ethnicities came…

Diamond in the Rough

On January 10th 2013, Sing It Forward will be taking place at the Vogue Theatre in Downtown Vancouver, aiming to raise $50,000 for the Saint James Music Academy program. Music Changes Lives. Pass it on.

Give the Gift of Education!

This holiday season, give the gift of education with a Check Your Head Holiday Gift Card. For a donation of $20 – $100, your friend or family member will receive a beautiful card from you stating that a CYH workshop for youth will be done…

Kids for Climate Action

One of the most common questions I get is “why are you doing this?!” I suppose the answer is I’m scared. We’re living on a new planet now, one that is significantly warmer. A planet where glaciers melt, sea levels rise, oceans acidify, and crippling…

December 6: A Day of Remembrance & Action

This year, I was in the town of Vanderhoof on December 6th, the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women. To remember the 14 women who died in Montreal in 1989 and all women affected by violence, a local group organized a…