Elise’s Experience with the Welfare Food Challenge

Over the last few years many people have decided to take up the “Welfare Food Challenge”, an initiative by a local group Raise the Rates, as a way of understanding the struggles people who live on income assistance face in their daily lives. In BC people who receive income assistance are expected to live off remarkably little money, with the average person having only $19/ week for food. Now let’s be real here, many people will spend $19 going out for brunch this weekend. The Welfare Food Challenge aims to help people conceptualize what the folks on income assistance actually go through on a daily basis.

Elise Barber, one of our volunteers and former board members, completed the challenge recently and blogged the whole experience here: https://elisewelfarefoodchallenge.wordpress.com/

I highly recommend reading about her experiences to get a sense of what the Welfare Food Challenge is trying to do. And for further reading, check out the Welfare Food Challenge’s website for more information on the challenge itself, and more stories from some of the other participants.