Check Your Head Justice League Presents: The Package

povertyPoverty is around us. You might not realize it but British Columbia has one of the highest poverty rates in the country. One in ten people living in BC is living below the poverty line and one in five children in BC is living below the poverty line. These statistics are devastating but we can do something to change that.

Check Your Head is launching a new multi-year initiative focusing on Economic Justice. Using an intersectional approach, they will be exploring the economic challenges facing both people and the environment in local and global contexts, and engaging our peers in developing and implementing solutions.

To kick start this new initiative, the CYH Justice League, a youth team of economic justice facilitators, educators, and organizers, will be delivering the new Poverty and Income Inequality workshop in schools, colleges and community spaces across the city, and to engage with youth about the economic issues they care about and those that impact them the most as young people of this generation.

In addition to the workshop, the CYH Justice League will create “the package”. “The package” is both a formal document and an interactive website that is an accumulation of actions and recommendations that we will be sending to the elected official to serve as evidence that they need to start working on the issues surrounding poverty and poverty around youth and that we as youth care about those issues. “The Package” will be sent out as a formal document to the newly elected Elected Officials from the Provincial election. In addition, “the package” will be an interactive website for youth, educators and other organization to access and learn about the issues surrounding poverty and poverty around youth.

We need your help now so that your voice is heard in “the package”. If you have any concerns, suggestions and/or anecdotes regarding the seven pillars of poverty as outlined by BC Poverty Reduction Coalition (which are welfare, low wages, marginalized people, housing, childcare, education and health), then please contact us at

By Yi Fei Lin 

* All views expressed in this blog post belong to the author and don’t necessarily reflect the views of CYH.