Become a blogger with Check Your Head!

Interested in social justice issues and want to write something inspiring, provocative, and/or informative? Check is looking for youth (ages 15-30) volunteer bloggers willing to make a 3 month commitment (November, December, and January) to produce one post per month based on a mutually agreed upon schedule.

Our goal is to have at least one new blog post per week, but we’d happily welcome more than that if we have more volunteer bloggers come on board or if our current volunteer bloggers would like to submit more than one piece a month.
Blog posts are great for Check Your Head because they provide content and drive traffic to the website, but they are also a great opportunity for youth volunteers. How so? Volunteer blogging allows you to
  • engage with a wider audience of like-minded young change makers
  • grow your writing portfolio and publish with a recognized non-profit organization
  • receive help improving your writing

All submissions will go through an editing process that

  • ensures they fit with Check’s role as a nonpartisan organization
  • helps you sharpen your writing and storytelling skills

We welcome creativity, so don’t feel constrained by a specific format: infographics, animations, and other novel ways to engage with social justice issues are encouraged. We also welcome submissions on a range of topics, so check out the blog to get an idea of past submissions and inspiration for future submissions.

Unable to commit for 3 months? We’ve got opportunities for one-off submissions too!

Let us know if you are interested by contacting Justin Rawlins, Blog Coordinator, We are welcoming new bloggers all throughout the month of November.