Actualizing Change: Submit Your Action Ideas!

Call for Action

We know that young people have great ideas that will create a positive impact in our community. But sometimes it’s hard to turn these ideas into actions without support or resources. This Spring, Check Your Head is back to help you breathe life into your ideas! We are inviting youth (under 30) to submit action ideas that focus on one of two themes: Gender & Media or Alternative Transportation. Four action ideas will be selected to receive funds of $200 or $100 to see the action come to life!

There is no limit on the size of the action! While alternative transportation, gender diversity, and feminism are huge issues for us to address as a global community, Check Your Head believes that we can all take action locally to impact change globally! From one person asking for art supplies to draw and publish a comic on gender representations to a group of friends printing flyers to organize a biking group at school, we want to hear your idea!

What could you do to take action?

Whatever you want! It can involve as many or as few people as you think it needs to in order to be successful. Change happens in all sorts of ways so be creative, think big and small, and share your ideas! Still stumped? Check out these blog posts for examples of actions from the first round of the Actualizing Change project!

Here are some other examples of actions:

  • Make a video of your bike ride or walk to school to promote alternative transportation.
  • Host an ad-jamming party with friends to take sexist ads and turn their messages around.
  • Create an alternative transportation map of your neighbourhood, focusing on the accessibility of youth-friendly resources.
  • Organize a screening and discussion of a film like Put This on the {Map} for your friends or class.

Criteria for Action Proposal

Actions must:

  • Address gender & media and/or alternative transportation issues (Bonus Points for actions that address both!)
  • Be local – Lower Mainland
  • Be 100% youth led (for this project, we define youth as anyone under 30)
  • Not require more than $200 worth of funds from Check Your Head
  • Take place anytime between April 15 – June 30, 2013

Deadline for Proposal

NEW DEADLINE: 11:59PM, Thursday, April 11, 2013

Submit your Action Proposal

  • This person will be the primary contact for this project
  • Note: Unfortunately, Check Your Head can't pay you directly but, if your project is selected, we will pay for expenses like supplies, printing, room rentals, etc. Let us know what you plan to purchase in your budget!
    *Posts will not include your full name, contact information, or budget. They will include your first name, project title, and project description only.