Resident Bloggers

Big Media and Oil Interests: Polluting Democracy

Good journalism is key to a healthy democracy. In Canada, it’s becoming apparent that the conversation around the environment is being tightly controlled… Such a system means that the voices of corporations, fossil-fuel interests, and climate change contributors are heard over those of our communities.

Food for the Future: Standing up for BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve

The ALR has faced a number of challenges over the years, but it may currently be facing its greatest challenge yet. It’s time to speak up for our agricultural land and farmers! Decision makers will be deciding the future of the ALR soon, so they…

Enbridge: Pipelines, Politics and Resistance

So what does this all mean? First take a moment to celebrate these little victories, and then keep on voicing your opposition. Keep talking to friends and family about this issue.

Argo and Islamophobia

Despite its acclaim, several critics claimed that Argo demonizes Iranians, fails to portray “a more conventional side” of Iranian society, and is guilty of racist stereotyping.

For the Love of Local Food

Supporting local agriculture cuts down on your carbon footprint, provides you with more nutritious food, and contributes to food security and your local economy.

Idle No More Myth Busters

We don’t need to look far to see expressions of negative stereotypes, dismissals or dehumanization of Indigenous people, as well as general misinformation. These reactions are often knee-jerk, and are grounded in prejudice. How do we challenge these beliefs and move forward together? We need…

Coming Together to “Defend Our Coast”

At several points throughout the day, the crowd of thousands took up the chant “the people, united, will never be defeated.” For the first time in a long while, I really felt the power of this statement. Each of us was a pebble, and while…

The Assault on Canada’s Environmental Acts

When the federal government first introduced Bill C-38 in March, otherwise known as the omnibus budget bill, people raised a few eyebrows. As more information came out on what Bill C-38 really meant, particularly for Canada’s environmental regulations, furious debate was sparked, and criticism ensued.