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The Necessity of (milk)Weeds

Our need to increase productivity in agriculture to account for the amount of human mouths to feed should aim to avoid impacting the natural movement of this species, or any species for that matter.

Equality vs. Equity

In order to achieve true equality, we must reflect on the adjustments that must be made to suit each individual to the best of our abilities and reach a state of equity, where true fairness is shown.

Burnaby’s Got Talent: A Youth Organized Charity Event

And that’s just the beauty of helping out locally. You’re able to see the effects immediately and know that you have done a good thing and given to a good cause. By the end of the night, the theatre was sold out and we raised…

The School Cafeteria Dilemma

Unfortunately, as I’m walking into schools through the front doors, I am hit with a waft of frozen breakfast sandwiches and smiley-faced fries. Should this be what youth are fed every morning?

Kinder Surprises Made for Girls

The new girls’ Kinder Surprise is bluntly advertised as such: for girls. With its pink packaging and a specific “girl toy” on the inside, it makes me wonder if we truly need more things to define the perfect box that all young women should fit…

TED Conference 2014: Is it Accessible Enough?

While TED is an advocate of exchanging ideas, the major TED conference will only be offered for an “elite” group of people and the minimum ticket price goes for $7500 each… It feels that limiting access to the physical event contradicts their doctrine of “Ideas…

Diamond in the Rough

On January 10th 2013, Sing It Forward will be taking place at the Vogue Theatre in Downtown Vancouver, aiming to raise $50,000 for the Saint James Music Academy program. Music Changes Lives. Pass it on.

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

A recent trip through the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver suddenly brought awareness to the issues that are present in our own backyard. While more and more organizations are formed to aid global issues, the youth of this generation seems to be less acquainted with cases…