Use Reusable Shopping Bags

It’s estimated that between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are used globally each year. It takes months to hundreds of years for plastic bags to break down, and millions of these bags end up outside of landfills as litter. If they make their way into the ocean, they are often mistaken for food by seabirds, marine mammals, fish and sea turtles.

Over the years I’ve slowly been stockpiling a giant collection of plastic bags. Not wanting to add any more to the collection, I recently purchased several reusable shopping bags. I take them with me whenever I go shopping, and I no longer have to worry about adding to my giant bag collection. My next step? Recycling my old plastic bags! Some recycling locations include London Drugs, Safeway, and Save-On-Foods.

To find more retailer take back programs and recycling locations, check out these websites: