Support and Create Education on Gender

My action idea is for a short lesson on gender and current societal views towards gender and gender identity. I am hoping to do this in a workshop format because then the lesson can be more of a collaborative and community based event, and I find that that format is best for introducing new ideas. For my project, I will be interviewing and compiling a short video of people’s different impressions and ideas surrounding gender. I am hoping to start off my presentation with this video to start the conversation rolling.

I believe that the first step to creating an open and accepting environment is education. Without education, it is unfair to assume that people will be open to accepting new concepts and ideas. Often when there is a lack of understanding and education there is a higher potential to harm or reject an idea that is different than what is known. This is where I believe the education portion of my action idea comes into effect. By starting the conversations around gender and educating individuals about it, I will be assisting in facilitating new dialogues and hopefully allowing more people to be open to change and to accepting gender. For the video more specifically, I am hoping to use it as a means for finding out the current views in my city on gender. I will use this information so as to figure out where I will aim my efforts in the workshop.