Plastic Bottle Free

Youth4Tap is devoted to water conservation and awareness. We lead the local fight against the bottled water industries, one of the most wasteful and unnecessary ploys of the business world. By banning the sales of bottled water at our school, we effectively led the entire student body of 2200 individuals to drink tap water. To achieve this, we strategically installed water bottle refill stations around the school, for a total of 3 refill stations and $9510. To fundraise for this large purchase, we sold customized metal water bottles, promoting the use of the newly installed refill stations, as well as applied for various grants and awards. Fortunately, our school administration is very supportive, and they agreed to match our funds, which covered the costs for the third station. As well, we host an annual Water Week, which involves sharing our passion with the school and getting our peers to get involved in the movement. Join us and make your school plastic bottle free!