Fair Trade Bake Sale

Raise awareness about the impact of trade by hosting a fair trade bake sale.

Trade regulations impact countries and people economically, politically, and socially. As government regulation decreases due to free trade agreements, corporate control increases. This often results in the disregard for worker’s rights, environmental sustainability, and human rights.

Fair trade ensures that people who are producing goods and foods are compensated fairly and decreases the gap between corporate profit and a worker’s wage. By hosting a fair trade bake sale you can bring people together while educating them about issues around trade and the definition of fair trade.

Suggested Steps

  1. Schedule a date and time for the bake sale – talk to a teacher, administrator, or student council member at your school to ask about scheduling;
  2. Create a menu. Check out Fair Trade Canada for some ideas or be creative and do some substitution. Common Fair Trade ingredients include chocolate, sugar, coffee, bananas, spices, pineapple, and more.
  3. Buy your ingredients. Check out Fair Trade Vancouver for suggestions of where to find fair trade products in Vancouver. When fair trade products are not available, look for local products or other examples of “fairly traded” products – they may not always have a label.
  4. Bake away!
  5. Set up your table (include some information about fair trade and the ingredients that you used) and sell your treats. Be sure to save some for yourself!

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