Edit a zine

This project would be a local zine created by youth called “Breaking Boundaries: Defining Community and Place.” It will call for submissions under this title and select pieces that discuss or showcase topics or stories such as: community building strategies, narratives on how people found community, how they came to community, the geography of their community, movement between communities, photos essays defining places. There is also potential to host a launch party if contributors would be interested in showcasing their work.

In my own personal experiences it was through alternative media (a small magazine from the USA called New Moon) that I was introduced to critical thinking around women in the media at the age of eleven. Alternative media like zines allows people to take about the defining of their own gender experiences and in creating and defining community, people’s experiences and understanding of gender is often a large part of how we build or experience community. I also feel our experiences of place are directly impacted by how we travel “between” places, encouraging submissions that ask people to explore places and boundaries begins a discussion about movement and how transporting people between places and how we experience this time in between places.