Create a podcast

The podcast that I will be recording will be a series of stories told by delegates from the 2013 Leading the Way Youth Summit on Sustainable Transportation (, drawn from across Western Canada about key moments in their lives or insights that have prompted their interest in sustainable urban transportation. The spirit of this project lies in the belief that sustainability will only come about when it is meaningfully connected to the threads of community, diversity, or respect for place that speak to us as individuals.

The podcast seeks to lay important groundwork for advocating at a national level for supporting the life of our communities through making active transportation safe, inclusive, respectful and delightful. It aims to draw similarities between the ways active modes enhance and involve us in the life of our local towns, neighbourhoods and places of importance, while allowing for learning about regional differences. Through the stories of the delegates, the podcast will illustrate the diverse range of goals that active transportation can contribute to — including objectives related to climate and environmental protection, local economic development, community engagement and social equity. In capturing both a specific moment in time — the delegates coming together at the Youth Summit — the podcast will also touch upon the larger conversation happening across Canada about the sustainability of the future of our cities and communities. The podcast can be used to identify areas of common concern and resources for youth to have a part in making a national transportation strategy a policy reality.