Clothing Swap

With a group, organize a clothing swap where you exchange clothes you no longer wear for new clothes from your friends’ closets.

Sweatshops – where children, youth, and adults are employed at low wages and in hazardous environments – exist because of consumer demands that enable large corporations to exploit labour to make profit. The more products we consume that are produced by these companies, the more incentive we give them to continue to use sweatshop labour.

Take a stand; instead of going shopping, next time host a clothing swap with your friends. You will finally clean up that closet your parents are nagging you about and end up with new clothes for free! By swapping items in your wardrobe, you are choosing not to purchase something made in a sweatshop and supporting human rights.

Suggested Steps

  1. Choose a location (your house will do just fine for a group of friends!);
  2. Spread the word via social networks and word-of-mouth;
  3. Gather up the clothes that you would like to contribute to the swap;
  4. Prepare some food or make it a potluck;
  5. Set up a few swapping ground rules (clothing should be clean, in good condition, etc.) and decide how the swap will work (is it auction style or does everyone get a turn?);
  6. Swap!
  7. Donate the un-swapped items to your local thrift store.

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