Bring Your Own Take-Out Container

Having worked in a restaurant where everyday I help people doggy-bag their food items and pack up take-out orders, I am appalled at how much plastic containers, paper bags, paper napkins, plastic forks, spoons and knives and condiments that we give away that will probably end up in the trash. Most of the customers take their food home to eat with their families anyway. However, I remember one regular customer who always phoned in for take-out and would always specify that she had her own container and would inform me that she did not require any extra utensils or even a paper bag to hold her food. When you order take-out and you know you won’t be needing plastic utensils, condiments or napkins, let the server know and bring your own container to hold the food. Or if you need to doggy-bag your meal, use your own container. It will reduce the amount of waste that will end up in the trash.