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Create a Short Film

Create a short film to post on Youtube/Vimeo to raise public awareness about globalization and its impact.

Globalization and the Internet have revolutionized the power and reach of media. Content that is produced all over the world is available for us to view with the click of a button. Not only does this help us spread ideas, but also exchange them.

A great way to raise awareness about an issue or spread an idea is through producing media that can be shared online. Be creative and make a video that defines what globalization is or outlines the impacts of globalization. This is a great action to do with a class, or a group of friends! Post your video online and use other social networking sites to promote it (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.). See how many views you get!

Vimeo has a series of simple, informative videos as part of its Vimeo Video School. This video, Video 101, covers the basics of filming and editing short films.

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