Our Youth Facilitators

Meet our team of current youth facilitators who help us deliver peer-to-peer social and environmental justice workshops using interactive activities, engaged discussion, and non-hierarchical participation!

CYH headshotJanani Ravikularam is a third year health sciences student at SFU pursuing her BA. She is interested in the intersection between wealth inequality and homelessness as well as how marginalized populations experience healthcare in Canada. Janani is so excited to join the Check Your Head team of facilitators to engage youth in critical thinking and learn from youth with diverse passions. As a believer of critical education as a vehicle for sustainable social change, she feels inspired to explore social justice themes in an anti-oppression framework with diverse groups. Outside of CYH, Janani enjoys volunteering with REACH Community Health Centre, spending time with friends, and exploring new food in Vancouver!



Sarah Day was born and ra26733670_10154975507762175_3203494096394106448_nised in Vancouver, and is now a student at UBC hoping to major in International Relations. Previously, she has facilitated workshops across the Lower Mainland on mental health and listening skills. As a Check Your Head facilitator she is excited to join with other volunteers in equipping youth with the tools and skills that they need to create social change. As a lover of the outdoors she is passionate about environmental issues, as well as how climate change and poverty intersect. In her spare time you can find Sarah hiking, having brilliant ideas in the shower and immediately forgetting them, and playing with her pet rabbit.


Stephanie is an SFU graduate who studied rhetoric and writing as well as minored in education. She currently helps facilitate the Let’s talk and Communication workshops at SFU while working closely with international students as an EAL peer. Being a consummate learner, Stephanie is thrilled for the chance to engage in dialogues on such important topics. Being a facilitator for Check Your Head is an amazing opportunity for Stephanie who hopes to apply for the PDP program and maybe one day be a teacher.



Aida is driven by her mission to connect and empower youth through transformative educational programs, which is why she’s so excited to be part of the team of facilitators at Check Your Head! With roots in Kenya, her curiosity and love for travel led her to arrive on Coast Salish territories in Vancouver, Canada nearly 7 years ago, and she has been working in youth development and intercultural community building ever since. Aida graduated from UBC with an Honors degree in Sociology, and is currently working as a coordinator for the Youth Exchanges Canada and Youth Peace Network programs at the YMCA.



Daniela is a third year UBC student pursuing an Honours degree in Political Science and minoring in International Relations. Her top three hobbies are dancing, cooking, and talking about…. anything. She was born and raised in a low-income household in Ecuador, studied in a public high school, and did not know English one year before coming to Vancouver!  Thanks to policies promoting inclusion and equality, she is now able to study what she always wanted and hopes to make a change in society. She is also actively involved in volunteering activities on and off campus for community building, migrant justice, coloniality, and activism. Combined, her love for social justice, politics, and her personal experiences, constantly inspire her to get involved in projects that raise youth awareness about important issues in Vancouver, and in other parts of the globe. Daniela is really friendly and very excited to meet you, so say hi if you see her around!

Originally from Treaty 7 lands (Calgary, Alberta) Noni moved to Vancouver for university. She studied Sustainability & Food Systems at UBC and graduated in 2017. Currently she works at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm running three weekly farm markets. She believes there are better, most just ways of living together and is excited to join the CYH team to share that with others.





I’m  a fourth year university student, currently completing a degree in Sustainable Policy Studies at Kwantlen University. I have a wide array of interests having completed a certificate in Fine Arts at KPU, a Horticulture Technician Certificate at VIU and the Global Stewardship program at Capilano University. I otherwise spend my time exploring my place in the world and thinking about how to better tackle some of the major issues we face.





Born and raised in Singapore, Rachel is now pursuing a major in Human Geography and International Relations. She is interested in the intersection of urban systems and food systems through a social justice lens. Rachel has worked as a youth counsellor, conducting workshops focused on mental health and self-awareness, and co-founded a social enterprise back home providing skill-based training for youth-at-risk. She is excited to facilitate a safe space where youth can engage with tools and knowledge, and be empowered to create social change through fun, open and engaging ways!




I am a Health Sciences major in my final year at SFU. I am interested in how social justice plays a role in health equity and reducing barriers to healthcare for vulnerable populations. My interests have led me to projects in health promotion, policy and research in newcomer and refugee health. I believe that open dialogue and youth engagement are key to solving some of the social issues we face today and help create a better tomorrow. I enjoy  binge watching Netflix, telling puns and buying books from thrift stores that I’ll read eventually.