Our Youth Facilitators

Meet our team of current youth facilitators who help us deliver peer-to-peer social and environmental justice workshops using interactive activities, engaged discussion, and non-hierarchical participation!

B1F4A7009A684198985778A12ABCABFDStephanie Soo

I am a recent graduate of UBC with an Honours degree in Human Geography and a Minor in Economics. Having always been a curious and adventurous person, my experiences include volunteering and internships with nonprofit organizations in the Philippines and Mexico. In my spare time, I like to do yoga, go snowboarding, and go out dancing. The circumstances we live in are dire; we are on the cusp of economic, racial, and environmental tensions within an ever polarized political community. I believe in creating an open and safe forum for learning and discussion as the seeds that inspire change – even revolution – for the next generation.

CYH headshotJanani Ravikularam

Janani is a third year health sciences student at SFU pursuing her BA. She is interested in the intersection between wealth inequality and homelessness as well as how marginalized populations experience healthcare in Canada. Janani is so excited to join the Check Your Head team of facilitators to engage youth in critical thinking and learn from youth with diverse passions. As a believer of critical education as a vehicle for sustainable social change, she feels inspired to explore social justice themes in an anti-oppression framework with diverse groups. Outside of CYH, Janani enjoys volunteering with REACH Community Health Centre, spending time with friends, and exploring new food in Vancouver!


DSC_0168Prodpran Wangcherdchuwong

I came to dialogue/facilitation wanting to better understand how we can create and maintain better relationships with each other and the world in which we live. Having recently graduated with a B.A. in International Studies and a minor in Dialogue, I am curious as to how change is created on global and local scales. Among this year’s many goals, one of them is to learn more about Dialogue as a philosophy and a practice, as well as to grow my facilitation skills. I was born and raised in Bangkok. Around 4 years ago I moved here for school. And wow, did I learn just as much outside of class – from the beautiful nature to a whole bunch of inspiring changemakers around me. I spend a good chunk of my spare time cooking and learning new recipes – and occasionally falling in the internet rabbit-hole of reading about the histories of a certain ingredient. I am also learning how to draw and re-discovering my love for reading books.

17192536_10154307640155598_5549863990178636439_oPriscilla Lui

Priscilla is learning to engage with dialogue around injustice and inequality – and by doing so, has become extremely passionate about educating those around her to empower them to become aware of social justice movements. Priscilla is super excited to see you in the workshops!





IMG_0201Annah McCurry

Annah McCurry is a grade 12 student in Vancouver, BC. She has bounced between public, private, and alternative school her entire life and now attends an alternative schooling program. Annah is an avid student of the behavioural sciences and has a passion for everything psychology related, from organizational behaviour to cogitate psychology. She is a teaching assistant in a psychology 12 class at her school where she teaches a class a week. She got involved with the Broadway Youth Resource Centre as a Youth Action Committee volunteer member in September of 2017 and recently spoke at a fair wage commission consultation to raise the minimum wage in BC to $15/hour. Annah has a desire to help steer the world toward a better place and the drive to try her best to do so. She hopes to be attending Quest University Canada next year in order to carry on her higher education where she left off in high school, in an alternative, socialist environment.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 2.40.04 PMMatty Taghipour

Born and raised in Dubai, Matty’s sense of home has always been divided between the desert she was born in and the rainy mountain she moved to shortly after. This experience has caused her to become an activist for issues surrounding immigration, multiculturalism and anti-oppression. Over the years, Matty has acquired a great passion for empowering youth in areas of social justice, children’s rights and education. Substantiating these interests is her undergraduate degree in Criminology where she was introduced to reconciliation and restorative practices. As a Check Your Head volunteer, Matty hopes to inspire youth to cultivate meaningful dialogue surrounding crime, conflict, leadership, discrimination and Indigenous rights. In her free time Matty can be found binging true crime podcasts and playing with her 3 year old Basenji.

TelkaTelka Pesklevits

Telka is third year student in communication and anthropology with a focus on health and gender and the policies related to them. On campus she facilitates workshops as a peer health educator, and she has also facilitated workshops on topics such as consent and sexual health within the Vancouver school district and the greater community. Telka is working towards making a change about people’s understanding of health and wellbeing in the community and through future changes to policies.

26678565_1339137499565766_8625828398755382310_o Moe Yang

Moe is a photographer and filmmaker located in Vancouver, BC. Her work has been featured in publications such as Rookie Mag, Yahoo News Japan and The Photographic Journal and her films have screened at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and the Vancouver International Film Festival. In both her films and photography, she focuses on capturing and telling the stories of people whose voices are usually silenced. As an artist of colour, activism is an equally important part of her life and she hopes to share people’s stories and open people’s mind through her work.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 4.53.06 PMAnna Everett
Anna is currently a grade 12 student at York House school. She has been involved in various organizations throughout Vancouver and abroad, such as Environmental Youth Alliance, Me to We, Green Chair, and more, earning her the Governor General Caring Canadian Award in 2015. She is passionate about improving the conditions of marginalized communities and advocating a more sustainable way of living. In her free time, she loves to play field hockey, perform improv, and spend time with her little sister. Looking forward, she would like to earn a degree in environmental students and global development from a post secondary institution.

Sarah Day Sarah was born and ra26733670_10154975507762175_3203494096394106448_nised in Vancouver, and is now a student at UBC hoping to major in International Relations. Previously, she has facilitated workshops across the Lower Mainland on mental health and listening skills. As a Check Your Head facilitator she is excited to join with other volunteers in equipping youth with the tools and skills that they need to create social change. As a lover of the outdoors she is passionate about environmental issues, as well as how climate change and poverty intersect. In her spare time you can find Sarah hiking, having brilliant ideas in the shower and immediately forgetting them, and playing with her pet rabbit.