About Our Workshops

About Our Workshops

We aim to highlight connections between different issues rather than present things like poverty, climate change, health care and more as stand-alone issues that exist in a vacuum. We support young people to make their own links between the issues – starting with a question as basic as “What did you eat for breakfast,” youth connect workers’ rights, branding, migration, food safety, climate change, gender equity and more.

All workshops

  • Are researched, designed, and facilitated by youth staff and volunteers in partnership with various schools and community organizations – education for youth, by youth
  • Fit into various areas of B.C. school curriculum and are enhanced to meet the needs and interests of young people around British Columbia
  • Are adaptable to the needs of your group and can take place in as little as a high school block (1 h 15 mins), or during a full day
  • Include interactive activities, multimedia, group discussion, and action planning
  • Are based on the principles of popular education

Popular Education

  • Builds on the theory and practices of educators around the world – including the Dalai Lama!
  • Strengthens community and empowers participants to build awareness and trust as they share knowledge and generate ideas
  • Draws on the experiences of participants to create powerful learning opportunities that introduce new information to the discussion, and move towards making change

Our Facilitators

  • Are youth with diverse backgrounds and experience
  • Have been trained to facilitate dialogue around social and environmental justice issues and understand the principles underlying peer-led, popular education
  • Receive regular support and resources from trained CYH staff
  • Offer a wealth of experiences as youth leaders in their communities


The full cost of a standard 90-minute Check Your Head workshop is $250. We actively fundraise throughout the year to make our workshops accessible to community groups and public schools with limited budgets. Our recommended sliding scale / pay-what-you-can fees are as follows:
  • $0-50 Grassroots and community groups, small non-profit organizations
  • $50-100 Medium-sized non-profits, youth programs, inner city/alternative schools
  • $100-150 Public schools
  • $200-250 Private schools, large non-profits and programs


Email us at contact(at)checkyourhead.org or call 604-709-5746.