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Face the Facts

1 in 7

Although we produce enough food to feed everyone living on the planet, 1 in 7 people don’t receive enough sustenance to lead a healthy and active life.

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Job Posting: Workshop Youth Peer Leader

Job Posting: Workshop Youth Peer Leader Type of Position: 8.5 Month Contract, 31.5 hours/month Start and End Date: December 10, 2018 – August 30, 2019 Compensation: Living Wage: $20.91/hr Perks:…

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Carrying on the Legacies of LGBTQ+ Activists

This is the second installment of a three-part series on social stigma—a term that I would define as the negative connotations and prejudice people may have about an individual or…

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Useful Resources

For your convenience we have put together a list of resources you can check out which are related to the topics, workshops, and action stories found on this website. We…

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Re-write a Fairy Tale

I plan to rewrite the story Cinderella in comic book form so that the genders are swapped. When a man is in the role of Cinderella, the story will seem…

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The 100-Mile Diet

Challenge yourself to only eat locally grown food!

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Start an Indoor Herb Gar...

I would love to plant a vegetable garden but unfortunately don’t have independent access to the right space for it. So, I decided that I would plant my own herb…

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