• → Did you know that the Vancouver School Board consists of nine elected trustees and one student trustee?
  • → In 1886, Vancouver’s City Council voted to petition the dominion government to lease a military reserve for use as a park. Home to Coast Salish peoples and other residents, mass evictions followed. Most people were evicted by 1931 but the last resident, Tim Cummings, who died in his home in 1958. This park is today known as Stanley Park.
  • → Did you know that you can request a Pop-Up City Hall at your event? That way you can access City Hall services without even going there!
Youth Civic Voices X Action Plans Book Workshop

What does it mean to live in Vancouver as a young person? What does your ideal city look like and how do we get there? Who gets to decide? Youth Civic Voices explores the role of young people as stakeholders in the democratic system, with a focus on municipal politics.

Youth are often not taken seriously when it comes to political participation. Yet, young people everywhere are constantly putting their voices out there, making meaningful change in their communities. There is a gap to be bridged. Youth Civic Voices invites young people to explore and expand notions of civic engagement, and how they can influence decisions made in the city.

Learning Outcomes:
  • To realize that youth are stakeholders who hold the voice, rights, and power to influence decisions made by political parties and their elected municipal representatives
  • To identify whose voices are missing/marginalized from local political processes, and why
  • To explore the ways in which youth can participate in local decision-making processes and access its services
  • To put the City of Vancouver in the context of colonial past and present, and to ground civic engagement in the complexities of reconciliation and decolonization
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