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  • → 85% of sweatshop workers are young women between the ages of 15-25.
  • → For less than 1% of Nike’s advertising budget, wages could be doubled for all workers making Nike university clothing.
  • → Unions played a key role in winning many luxuries that we take for granted like the five-day work week, public education, and the 8-hour work day.
Sweatshops X Action Plans Book Workshop

What are sweatshops? Why do they exist? How do our actions perpetuate the problem? This workshop gets to the bottom of all these questions and more.

Participants learn about the “race to the bottom” in the global economy, focusing on the labour conditions of sweatshop workers worldwide. We look critically at the problems associated with putting profit before people and discuss what youth can do to take action.

Learning Outcomes
  • To look at the knowledge that participants have around sweatshops and encourage them to make connections.
  • To explore why sweatshops exist.
  • To come up with some viable “what you can do” avenues.

Please note: This workshop is currently inactive in our workshop library. It can be booked by special request. Please contact Aleks at aleks[at] with any questions.


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I learned that most people are in sweatshops due to poverty and what we consume or buy affects other people around the world. - Student, Clayton Heights Secondary

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