• → Annually, more than 725,000 individual Canadians are affected by warrantless requests for personal information by law enforcement agencies.
  • → 1 out of 4 teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the Internet
  • → Despite privacy concerns, only 25% of Facebook users utilize privacy settings.
Media Awareness Pt. II X Action Plans Book Workshop

As media consumers and producers, what are our rights in digital spaces? How can we use these spaces to create safe and inclusive communities?

We produce media as often as we consume it. The internet and social media has changed the way we communicate and express ourselves. Media Awareness Pt. II explores our digital media rights and opportunities. Youth gain a deeper understanding of their role in shaping the media landscape as well as a critical perspective on the balance between free expression and online safety.

Learning Outcomes
  • To understand privacy and digital rights and how they contribute to online safety
  • To explore the imbalance of power and access in digital spaces
  • To demonstrate the role of government and law in managing our relationship with digital media
  • To highlight the ways young people can be leaders in shaping how digital media is used
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