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  • → Since 2005, the number of homeless people in Vancouver has doubled.
  • → Canada’s 100 highest paid CEOs earned the average Canadian’s annual pay by 9:04 AM on January 2nd - 33 hours into the new year.
  • → Despite the rise in housing costs, the social welfare shelter allowance of $325 has not changed in 12 years.
Poverty and Income Inequality X Action Plans Book Workshop

How are minimum wage and corporate power related to income inequality? Find out how a growing income gap perpetuates poverty.

Canada’s official wealth is growing, but so is the rate of poverty. Why do the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer? Is income inequality bad for everyone, or just some people? How can we build a society where everyone prospers, and what does it look like? From minimum wage to corporate power, learn about the roots of poverty and how it affects us in BC. We explore practical ideas and realistic solutions for poverty elimination.

Learning Outcomes
  • To learn and think critically about the unequal distribution of wealth and resources, from a global to national to local context.
  • To think critically about what the interconnected root causes of poverty are, and how they manifest on both a global and local scale.
  • To look at some concrete ways to work toward more equitable distribution of wealth and resources in our local communities
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I learned that we all don't have the same income so it's harder for some families, everyone saves more money if there is no poverty, and income inequality affects everyone negatively. - Student, Queen Elizabeth Secondary School

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