• → Canadians spend about 55% of what Americans spend on health care and have longer life expectancy, and lower infant mortality rates.
  • → When Saskatchewan introduced user fees for health care in the 1970s, physician visits by low-income people decreased by 18%.
  • → In 1999, health administration costs in the United States were $294.3 billion ($1,059 per capita) compared to $307 per capita in Canada. These administration costs accounted for 31% of health care expenditures in the USA compared to 17% in Canada.
Health Care X Action Plans Book Workshop

Should health care be a right for all or a privilege for some? Learn how the Canadian health care system works and why we should care.

This workshop engages participants in interactive activities that ask the questions: How does Canada’s public health care system work? What does private participation in health care mean for public health? Youth will learn how to take action to ensure health care is accessible for all. Health care made fun (finally!).

Learning Outcomes
  • To make connections between the health care system and participants’ lives.
  • To talk about the ideology behind universal health care.
  • To discuss the realities of for-profit participation in health care.
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I would recommend this workshop to other teachers: objective information, clear presentation, and engaging workshop. - Planning Teacher, Houston, BC

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