food justice -from pixaby
  • → Farming accounts for 70% of the world’s use of fresh water that is extracted globally for human use.
  • → Rich countries spend almost the same amount of money annually on pet food as is needed to eliminate world hunger and malnutrition.
  • → Producing the annual beef diet of the average American emits as much greenhouse gas as a car driven more than 1,800 miles.
Food Justice X Action Plans Book Workshop

Learn how the global food system impacts the environment, our health, and the quality of life of people around the world.

Where does our food come from and why does it matter?  This workshop addresses the globalization of the food industry and how food-related policies affect the lives of both food producers and us as consumers! Participants will learn how to take steps towards creating food justice in their communities.

Learning Outcomes
  • To understand how the North American food system works.
  • To define what food sovereignty is.
  • To increase awareness of how your food choices can be part of positive social and environmental change around the world.
  • To show examples of how we can take action by changing our food choices and getting involved in community initiatives.
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The workshop was awesome, the kids were all participating and the information was easy to understand. - Youth Worker, Kiwassa Neighbourhood House

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